Electric pump 1500 bar for tensioners

Series FPT 1500

Electric pump 1500 bar for tensioners


FPT 1500 Series are single phase electric pump to activate hydraulic tensioners up to 1500 bar.

The design is based on a low pressure gear pump and oil-oil pressure intensifier.

The elctric pump is realized with solenoid valve. The pump permits to easily reach the max WP of 1500 bar

All operation of the pump are managed by the remote control

FPT 1500 is the perfect electric pump to be used to operate hydraulic bolt tensioners up to a pressure of 1500 bar. Normally used in the wind energy sector.

Available as option:

Using an electric pump for hydraulic bolt tensioners with Data Logger allow the operator to download the data of the tightening operations and be able to store them and analyze them.

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  • Also available models of Electric pump at 2000 bar and 3000 bar
  • Fully automatic control pump

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Tech data sheet: FPT 1500 Series - Electric pump 1500 bar for tensioners