Project Description

Major maneuvers – revamping of 5 ship-to-shore-cranes

Lifting hydraulic system




Off Shore


Sistema idraulico di sollevamento


Big Maneuvers for the revamping of 5 ship-to-shore cranes

5 ship-to-shore cranes were raised and transferred from the edge of the dock, before regeneration, once the work is done and the crane are revamped then the transport is done on the opposite direction.

FPT has designed the hydraulic system for lifting the heavy cranes of 1,160 tons. The weight of the crane was raised by 8 hydraulic jacks FPT model CSE-250/300-GS-TU from 250 tons at 700 bar, with a stroke of 300 mm.

The cylinders are supplied single acting, load return, lock nut and with tilting head. The nut allow to keep safely raised the load. The cylinders were produced with a NITOX treatment that confers high resistance to corrosion to the cylinders thus being the ideal solution in marine and offshore environments. The cylinders are operated and managed by a hydraulic high-pressure pump with a flow rate of 4.5 l / m at 70 bar and flow rate of 1.8 l / m to 700 bar, 25 liter reservoir, external pressure regulator, solenoid valve 3 way / 3 position, with remote control from 12 meters.

The load is then transferred on the trolleys and the crane was subsequently moved at a speed of 3 meters per minute. The stacking cranes were then positioned at a distance of about 200 m from the lighthouse tower.